Prebiotic Herbal Tea

Prebiotic Herbal Tea

This prebiotic tea from Uncommon Joes is a health fix and beyond.  Prebiotics are the newest kids on the block and these flavourful teas pack a health punch.  If you are looking for improved wellness, gut health and weight loss in particular then these are ideal.  Easy to take and delicious at any time of the day.  The tea is packed with prebiotic fibre which reduces your appetite, aiding weight loss.


Take 1-2 bags per day for gut health and wellness.

Take 3-4 bags per day for weight loss 

  • Health Benefits

    Improves Gut Health

    Stimulates the Good Bacteria in Your Gut

    Reduces Appetite and Promotes Weight Loss

    Slows Digestion and Increases Feeling of Fullness

    Boosts Heart Health

    Reduces Cholesterol and Stabalises Blood Sugars​


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